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Parking Block

The Parking Block skateboard stands allows you to park your boards safely and securely. It allows for easy access at home, during class, or at the office. Keep a Parking Block everywhere or carry one with you, it's the ultimate skateboarder accessory. The Parking Block skateboard stand is made from durable plastic with extra molded-in rubber strips to ensure your board stays put.

  • Vert & street decks can be stored vertically. Longboards and penny boards can be stored horizontally.
  • Storage area holds wheels, tools, bearings, keys, and more.
  • No mounting or drilling walls.
  • Portable and easy to move. ​
  • Eliminates tripping or falling hazards.
  • Keeps dirty wheels away from walls. No dings or scratches.
  • Great for skate shop displays.
  • Park your skateboards in classrooms, dorm rooms, the office — even your car's trunk.
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The 4-Up skateboard stand allows you to store up to four of your skateboards easily and securely in the vertical position. The 4-Up can hold up to four boards at once! This portable, lightweight stand can accommodate street & vert decks as well as most longboards.

  • Holds up to FOUR skateboards in one convenient stand.
  • No more tripping over stray boards.
  • Keeps dirty wheels away from walls - no more scratches, dings, or marks.
  • Small footprint, portable, sturdy, lightweight construction.
  • Portable and easy to move.
  • Can be filled with water or sand for additional weight.

Bulk & Retail

We offer wholesale pricing for retail, as well as bulk pricing for large single orders. For more information and pricing please contact us at: parkingblockskate@gmail.com


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